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Sony One Stadium Live

Role: Associate Creative Director
Client: Sony
Agency: Isobar UK
Summary: A social platform that brings together conversations and content across Twitter, Facebook and Google+ before and during the World Cup 2014.

For the FIFA World Cup 2014, Sony’s ambition was to support football fans by delivering an “always-on” connected experience of the tournament. Billions of fans all around the world were set to engage with the tournament via social platforms. Sony’s challenge was to create one single compelling social experience for fans.

Months before the tournament kicked off, we launched One Stadium Live - a unique social platform dedicated to the 2014 FIFA World Cup (be the first truly digital World Cup).

One Stadium Live curate social content from all over the world into the most popular, relevant and recent football topics in real time by using a revolutionary natural language analysis to identify and organise millions of tweets, posts and shares from Twitter, Facebook and Google+ every second in six languages, creating a unique expression of what the whole world's fans are feeling and sharing.

These continually changing real-time fan conversations were delivered within a responsive website compatible across mobile and tablets devices, alongside team and player performance statistics, creating the ultimate 2nd screen experience.

As a global 360 campaign, films, TV ads, events, digital activations, visual guidelines and apps were created as well as a digital platform as the main hub that lived throughout the whole competition.

As result, the total reach of Sony’s FIFA World Cup Activity was 2.4 billion fans worldwide, with 39% increased positive sentiment and an increase in Sony’s Twitter fan base of 6.83%. 20+ million people worldwide (without media spending) experienced the online activations — over 20% repeatedly used it.

YouTube Decade.
The A to Z celebration

Role: Creative Director
Client: Google
Toaster at Google
Global brand identity of YouTube's decade celebration.

While working for Google I was tasked with designing the visual treatment for YouTube’s 10th anniversary campaign, celebrating the most memorable moments of the platform, while paying tribute to various techniques and genres.

My team and I worked on the message and design for YouTube alphabet, with each letter representing a standout piece of content from the platform epic past. From Animals to the first ever upload, Me At The Zoo.

For every letter of the alphabet, we created a channel skin and animated bumper showcasing the content on YouTube's own Spotlight channel, released one after the other for 30 days over each day of the celebration.

We created from 10th anniversary social posts, mastheads and Yoodles promoted the campaign online, driving traffic straight to the Spotlight channel.

Who is Johnny X?

Role: Creative 
Client: Sony Ericsson
Dare London
A Web Series to promote the new Xperia X1 mobile.

To promote their upcoming mobile X1 Xperia, Sony Ericsson decided to launch it exclusively online.
So while at Dare London we came up with the idea of a web series about a guy that loses his memory and uses his X1 to find clues about his own identity, leading the whole plot to a very thrilling adventure story titled “Who is Johnny X?”

Filmed over 10 days in Bangkok, this high-octane 9-part online thriller bears all the hallmarks of a Hollywood movie.

Shot largely on 35mm film by a director-cameraman, the film took on a cinematic beauty that added a prestigious quality to the drama. Coming from a photography background, the director was able to frame and light each shot with absolute precision.

The 9 episodes were streamed sequentially within online advertising, resulting in over 6 million episode views in the first 4 weeks as audiences followed the drama.

LEGO Duplo Tiny Film Festival

Role: Creative Director

Client: LEGO
Agency: Isobar UK
Summary: An online film festival created by the imaginative story of children and stop motion animated by Disney using LEGO Duplo bricks and sets.

The idea was born from a simple insight: Every great storyteller was once a tiny storyteller.
LEGO Duplo develops the child’s imagination through creative play – so why not give all those tiny directors across Britain their very own Tiny Film Festival.

Parents submitted their tiny director’s stories via a dedicated microsite and each week, for five weeks, LEGO selected one child’s story to be stop motion animated by Disney using LEGO Duplo bricks and sets. Winners were announced via the LEGO Duplo social channels with each winning film having their own custom movie poster in the style of a typical blockbuster.

The films lasted around 15 seconds crediting family membes of the tiny director’s choice to parody real blockbuster cinema releases in tiny style.

The campaign was launched by mum and lifestyle blogger Emily Leary, author of A Mummy Too, whose three year old daughter Jay had her film produced to promote and provide inspiration for the campaign.

As a parent myself I was delighted to provide kids with a tool that put them in the director’s chair and enabled them to create their own mini blockbuster.

You And Your Baby

Role: Associate Creative Director
Client: Unilever
Agency: SapientNitro London
Summary: A digital social hub to collect memories and stories for mum and baby.

The Comfort Pure brand strategy aimed to reassure mums that they are giving the best possible care for their baby’s sensitive skin once their out of the womb. So how could we bring that same reassurance to mums in the digital world?

While brainstorming we knew that the arrival of the first child is a magical period in every parent’s life, which they will want to savour forever. Yet in the chaos and sleep deprivation of that period it is hard to set everything else aside and preserve the magic of this new relationship between mum and baby.

My team and I at SapientNitro created an online hub for the whole experience of the arrival of the baby, drawing together all the events and experiences into an explorable space – like a cocoon or a modern day shoe box of childhood memories. Crucially, unlike its offline equivalents (diaries/albums etc) it should require minimal effort on the mum’s part. We wanted to make each moment that much more memorable by adding in any time sensitive contextual information. 

Rexona Do:More

Associate Creative Director
R/GA London
A behavioural campaign supported by an interactive YouTube page.

While freelancing I was approached by R/GA London to help them with a few briefings for their brand new client Unilever.

One of this briefings was that Rexona was about to launch a new global philosophy: DO:MORE. So the task was to mobilize online communities and rally them around the brand’s call to action, so R/GA created the ultimate YouTube channel aimed at the most activity-oriented groups: adrenaline junkies and street dance fans.

The films were shot on 19 separate cameras running in parallel, allowing users to jump between camera angles as they watched. The site, built to promote Rexona's Degree deodorants, also encouraged people with an interest in adrenaline sports or street dance to find their own local communities with a finder for local specialists.

Dare Grads Sheme

Role: Creative
Client: Dare
Agency: Dare London
Summary: Two pieces of film aimed to attract new talent to join Dare London team.

While  at Dare London I worked on two pieces of film for the Dare Grad Scheme that happened every year, aiming to attract graduate students to the scheme.

Dare Grads Sheme 2009 - Parents

Dare Grads Sheme 2010 - The Infographic Era

With 100,000 views in its sights, and made as a infographic film (very popular back in 2012), this video has picked a pencil and an interactive merit at The One Show awards and Vimeo's vid of the week. It has also been featured on an animation reel put together by respected Hong Kong design.

Google bar.foo

Role: Creative Director

Client: Google
Agency: Toaster at Google
Summary: Created a challenge for Google’s Foo.Bar recruitment channel for new developers on the annual I/O 2015.
Link: https://bar.foo

Google I/O is an annual developer conference with inspirational talks, hands-on learning, and a chance to hear more about Google's latest developer products. For the 2015 I/O event, Google wanted to give inquisitive engineers the chance to access Foo.Bar, their recruitment channel for new developers.

Our challenge worked through a series of hidden message inside a code (Java or Python) where developers were challenged to complete a few levels that could lead them to work for the company.

As the usual nature of this recruitment is a hidden message, for the I/O 2015 we placed some physical screens with some easter eggs challenges at the event.

The result of the event was over 1,000 new candidates.
That’s more than 17% of attendees.

Moët Hennessy’s Pop & Pour

Role: Creative Director
Moët Hennessy
Agency: Rehab Studio
Summary: Pop & Pour is a voice assistant experience from Moët Hennessy and exclusive for Amazon’s Alexa that educates, engages and surprises while reinforcing that champagne is perfect for all occasions.

Voice is at the top of the agenda for Google, Apple & Microsoft - so while Amazon has the most market share now (2017), there are going to be many more voice assistant devices to choose from (and with that, more experiences to try)and by 2019, the number of voice assistant users is expected to grow over 30% to 39 million.

Nowadays people are creating more in home occasions than ever before, with individuals choosing to stay in rather than go out, causing bars to close and liquor stores to open in their place. This brings new opportunity for brands to add value to a consumer's life offering goods and services to compliment the “hometainment” trend.

Moët Hennessy enables and inspires people to celebrate everyday moments with a little sip of luxury.

With that in mind we created Pop & Pour, a voice assistant experience from Moët Hennessy and exclusive for Amazon’s Alexa that educates, engages and surprises while reinforcing that champagne is perfect for all occasions.

BlackBerry B.O.B

Role: Creative
Black Berry
Agency: Razorfish UK
Summary: The first social connected F1 car powered by BlackBerry's own QNX operating system.

BlackBerry is all about innovation as F1, but technology is not enough to engage a wider audience, after all it's people that drive F1.
It's the drivers, the engineers and the pit crew the human element which creates the drama and excitement that attracts 1.9 billion fans to F1.
So we knew that there was an opportunity to amplify the human element of F1.

So while brainstorming with the team I asked out loud: what if an F1 car could talk? What would it say to its maker, to the drivers and to the engineers and the fans?

That’s how B.O.B was born.

B.O.B is the first talking F1 car powered by BlackBerry's own QNX operating system.
B.O.B turns race data and team communication into conversations with the audience.
B.O.B champions the ambition of the fans by bringing them closer to the sport.
And by developing technology fans would eventually use it to connect to their own cars.

My Dream. My Movie by Sunsilk

Role: Associate Creative Director
Client: Univeler
Agency: R/GA UK
Summary: A digital platform that generated a film trailer using social behaviours by simply connecting with people’s social channels. 

Sunsilk is a hair care brand from Unilever primarily aimed at women. The core of the product is to help a girl's hair reach its full potential. 
Our audience was made of girls who wished to write their own story, their own dreams. So while brainstorming we had a thought that visualising a dream is the first step to make it happen. With that in mind the question was: how can we help these girls start visualising their dreams?

The idea: Star in your story. You write the script, we make the film.

We created a digital platform that generated a film trailer by simply connecting social channels via our campaign platform using those girls existent photos and films.

The hub allowed Sunsilk girls to share, promote and celebrate their Dream Trailers.
It acted as a digital bulletin allowing the Sunsilk community to provide encouragement and inspiration.

These trailers also worked as a casting for Sunsilk turn one of these girls dreams into a feature film.

Comedy Hunt

Role: Creative Director
Client: Google
Agency: Toaster at Google
Summary: Branding and message for 2015 YouTube Comedy Hunt in India.
Link: youtube.com/ComedyHunt

YouTube India was on the hunt for their next big comedy star.
So while working for Google I was tasked to give these fresh new talents a platform on YouTube India and so we launched ‘The Comedy Hunt’ – a talent hunt show which aimed to discover budding comic talent across the country.

Some of the best comedians from the country guided, set tasks and inspired aspiring participants on this journey.  Some of the mentors included Jusreign, East India Company, SNG, Shudh Desi Endings MOAR and AIB. Big comedian celebrities in India.

Sony HD 

Role: Creative / Visual Art Director
Client: Sony
Agency: Dare London
Summary: A digital platform to launch the new Sony High Definition products.

While working at Dare we teamed up with Fallon London, RSA Films,  Johnny Hardstaff and photographer Dario Mitidieri to create a series of seven spots for Sony.

The idents aired during the 2008 F1 season on ITV and were based on the simple premise of "testing high definition to the limit".
As the idents were heavily augmented with photo-real 3D it was necessary to record HDRI's for each lighting set up on the three day shoot.

I personally I like this work a lot, not only because of the final result, but also because during the shooting I had the chance to meet Ridley Scott himself and also Thunder the poodle.

Rexona F1 is for Doers

Role: Associate Creative Director
Client: Unilever
Agency: R/GA UK
Summary: A nano social game to Rexona to sustain and fire conversations during the F1 season. The game was based on the Top Trumps card game featuring Lotus F1 Team.

At Lotus F1 Kimi and Romain may be the most recognised team members, but they are only two of the 500+ people integral to making their team a winning success. From the mechanics, to the managers and the back office staff, everyone gives their 110% 24/7 365 days. Each one is prepared to put in the extra effort needed to win. And the idea was to celebrate them for doing more.

So while at R/GA, I came up with the Lotus F1 Team Digital Trading Cards game idea.
A simple online card game like the ones we used to play when we were kids that celebrated not only the drivers but all Lotus Team.


Role: Associate Creative Director
Client: InBev
Agency: Isobar UK
Summary: A behavioural campaign to promote MIXXTAIL.

The task was very simple: deliver a creative idea that powered a fully-integrated campaign launching the MIXXTAIL drink brand into a new market and engaging a new InBev audience of relationship seekers... ok, not so simple.

To do that we encouraged the audience to choose MIXXTAIL as part of their at-home drinks rituals.
Our strategy was to get 238,00 people to buy 4 cans in 2 shopping trips.

So we created the #NIGHTRISE.

#NIGHTRISE is a behavioural campaign with a series of media display to promote how MIXXTAIL could embrace the night.
From digital media displays, apps, films, Spotify and YouTube music channels and dance, music and film festivals, we created tools that our audience needed to get together for the night.

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