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I have been playing, writing and recording music for as long as I can remember.
And during a good portion of my adulthood I’ve been in and out bands and playing live gigs all over my home town.

Here in London I have set up a home studio where I keep writing, recording and producing some of these songs and once in a while I release something to the world. 

To know all about my music project go to Lurba.com.

Lurba - Holiday Sessions

On March 2016 I went to Brazil for a three week holiday to see my family and friends.

But about a week before I flew over I had this crazy idea of recording some of my songs in Brazil as they had been buzzing in my head for a while, maybe asking to become alive. I immediately called up some of my closest musicians friends based in São Paulo and proposed that as soon as I arrived in town we should get into a studio and rehearse so we could record these songs. They agreed immediately.

We had one day to rehearse and two long recording sessions at the Family Mob Studio in São Paulo, Brazil.

During the rehearsal I realised that it would be impossible to record all the songs I had in my mind in such short time, so I chose five of them that best represented what I was trying to achieve. Some of these songs I wrote back in 1999 while others are more recent.

Under the name of Lurba (that’s a long story) I released the album Holiday Sessions which is available pretty much in every single online store.


Some of the songs of the Holiday Session album turned into a music video and I plan to keep doing that until I run out of ideas.

The Long Journey Of Josh Down The Road

This song is a tale about a guy named Josh that meets his version of the future and what he learns from that meeting.

For the music video I had this idea of trying to tell the story by two different people.
But as I only had one camera and myself at home, I had to figure out a way to visually make it work.


One day I stumbled across a quote that said “You are the window through which you must see the world.”
This is from George Bernard Shaw, a famours Irish playwriter. That stuck in my mind for the rest of the week and I realised that I had to do something with it. 

One of my songs is called Janela which in Portuguese means Window.
So I had this idea of asking my friends from all around the world to send me a still video of the view from their window. After all, you are the window through which you must see the world.

This music video is pretty much a compilation of all these videos.


Cooking has always been my passion.
I have loved to cook since I was a little boy. I grew up in a traditional Italian family and remember spending hours in the kitchen with my mother - helping her out while making a mess - and learning delicious traditional recipes, using fresh ingredients and preparing everything from scratch.

Le Cordon Bleu

I'm a trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu culinary school and I took a few Butchering Masterclasses at Drings, a very traditional and high class butcher from London. I also had the chance to be trained by Martin Heap, an awarded chef & gourmet from UK specialised in sausage making.

Hunter Gather Cook

In 2016 I met Nick Weston, founder of the Hunter Gather Cook school located in the middle of mixed woodland on a stunning 40 acre farm in East Sussex, UK. The school blendeds a mixture of foraging, animal butchery, outdoor cookery techniques and elements of bushcraft with an emphasis in living comfortably in the great outdoors and creating high-end dishes using wild produce.

After hearing about his school I immediately knew that I wanted to be involved with it in one way or another. So after a few emails, phone calls and taking part in a few events with the Hunter Gather Cook I’m now a proud team member of Nick Weston’s school.

And now once in a while I find my self sleeping in the middle of a wood while foraging and cooking the freshest food you can ever eat.
Here’s a video with more about the Hunter Gather Cook school.


In 2009 I decided to venture into the beer brewing process so I took a Master Brewery degree from The Institute of Brewing & Distilling in UK and started brewing my own beer.

What started as a fun hobby soon developed into a brand and with the help of two friends I created the Lucky Bastard.
I now have a semi-professional home brewing equipment and once a year I brew my own beer by sourcing ingredients from all over the world (hops from New Zealand, water from France, grains and malt from Germany and USA).


I moved to London in 2007, and since then I have been taking one photo a day in my morning journey to work and posting it on my Twitter account followed by the hashtah #morning.

The idea behind my #morning project is that no matter how used you are to your daily journey, there is always something interesting and unique to be seen. And if you don’t pay attention, that moment will be lost and might never happen again.

After a period of time it became clear to me that I had something significant in my hands.
By 2015 I had around 2.000 photos and each of them tell a little story about a particularly morning.

Now I’m putting some of these photos and stories into a book.
You can follow my daily #morning at twitter.com/scappini.

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